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Written by: Jamela Martin   
Friday, 12 February 2010 13:36
Affiliate marketing is not...

Affiliate marketing is not...

Creating and selling your own product:

The simplest understanding here is, there is a huge difference between being a product creator and an affiliate marketer. The vendor is the owner of the product and the website itself. Now, being the creator of a product constitute hard work and intricate researches, gathering JV partners, creating online support, paying copywriters, buying the right domain name in conjunction to the name of product created and many other small to big details of making the system of their business function properly. Whereas being an affiliate marker they get to leverage the entire work of the merchant by just simply sending targeted prospect to merchant sites and being paid on commission for every successful sale.

The main stream of internet marketing world is like a play ground for affiliate marketers. The best part is simply promoting the affiliate offers to prospects and engaging them to click the links without the need to sell the products. There is no need for customer support, having your product, or anything related with being an actual vendor. One note: Affiliate marketing heavily depends upon the existence of merchant sites that allow affiliate promotions.

Becoming a spammer:

When some people see hear the phrase "internet" with the term "marketing" their spammer detectors start going off. As a matter of a fact looking back, seeing all those advertisement banners annoyingly placed all over the web page was a far cry. Unfortunately spamming as an affiliate marketer for some is exactly what they do to make their commission off naive unsuspecting online shoppers.

The much bigger part of affiliate marketing is much calmer than your average spammers over the internet. By the way of affiliate promotions this is a core business model that keeps certain authority sites open online via affiliate marketing. These sites can be your favourites that you often visit like torrent websites, forums, and news that are filled with fresh contents. You may also realise that affiliate marketing also has review sites that help you buy a better bargain service or product that people voted on to be the best like comparison priced sites.

Affiliates are not all the same when it comes to how they promote their associated merchant businesses online. Most sites online today are affiliates marketing websites in the guise of whatever the marketer intended his/her site to be. Many affiliate sites just promote well known companies both online or offline that are well known to the masses. This makes affiliate marketing much simpler. There are affiliates that are not crooked enough to flood you with rubbish emails every day and can't even spell pharmaceutical product names that they are trying to get you to buy through their affiliate links. However there are good ordinary people who are genuine online looking to make an honest living by helping you to make the right choice and not just simply buy whatever they recommend under the sun.

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