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Written by: Matthew Henage   
Saturday, 23 April 2011 13:03
Your website stinks, I can smell it from here. The following is one of many reasons why your website might stink.

Your website stinks, I can smell it from here. The following is one of many reasons why your website might stink.

No Planning

You were on a tight schedule, you needed customers fast or you just didn't want to take the time. Whatever your reason for not planning was probably a poor one. And this is could be a good reason why your website stinks. First plan out your navigation, your brand image, the type of visitors you want to attract and then build out your web design.

Your Budget Wasn't Well Rounded

If you didn't budget out your website, you've made an awful mistake. It is better to scrimp a little on your web design so that you actually have resources to get targeted traffic to your site. If your budget is small, start small but keep it well rounded build some sales and build up each portion evenly. You need to budget for web design, content, web development, SEO, Internet marketing and public relations.

You Forgot to Do Cross Browser Testing

Your website looks great in Firefox, but looks awful in Internet Explorer or vice versa. With problems like this, you are presenting a destructive image to half or more of your audience. Make sure your website works in Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 2-3, and Safari browsers. Heck, It couldn't hurt to check it out in Google Chrome as well.

Cluttered - Too Many Voices

You thought you could create a site with no thought to what you wanted to accomplish with it. As the cat from "Alice in Wonderland" said to Alice when deciding which road to take, If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." If you have no end destination, it means your website has no purpose; so congratulations, you've wasted your money. One of the most lucrative steps you can take in creating a website is to determine the prime purpose of your website and gear every effort towards accomplishing this goal.

Nothing Of Value

Do you find that your customers come and go but never stick around very long or return to your site? You'll find the most probable reason for this problem is your website has no apparent value to your audience. You need to understand who your audience is and what they are looking for on your site in order to make your site of value to them.

You Make Your Audience Wait

Either you chose a poor hosting service, have terrible programming for your back-end or decided to do your website with media intensive flash; so it's slower than snails and you are losing your audience. Making your audience stand in line so you can pitch your business ideas to them is a poor start. If you must use the search engine enemy Flash, make sure it loads quickly or you'll lose your audience's attention and interest.

Your Web Design Runs Haphazardly

Form follows function, and if your website is for your business the function of your website is to make more money. If you focused on how good your design looks, over a design that persuades your visitors to make a profitable action your running a risk. Your web design should tell a story about your company. But first you need to create a story that influences your audiences to do what you want them to, and then you need to tell that story through your web design.

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