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Written by: Sam Smith   
Saturday, 20 February 2010 14:06
Print medium is a popular && powerful means of spreading information to several different types of people, and is apparent even these days. The current form of the printing services industry is a result of years of change & evolution in printing trends & techniques. Today it can fulfill almost any need of the clients affiliated to printing & its additional requirements.

The popularity of print medium as an efficient way of disseminating info to many different kinds of individuals is great and notable even in the present days. With the passing of time the printing services industry has become big immensely & has developed to its present form of a diversified industry. Today it can fulfill almost any need of the clients connected to printing and its supplementary requirements.

Bulk printing services through relief printing technology began during the--00's when the world's first printing press was invented by Gutenberg. In relief printing the printed matter appears elevated from the base, just as you see in a rubber stamp. Nowadays relief printing is not as popular and has very restricted uses.

The industry has seen radical transformation in the printing techniques used, and these changes were usually propelled by advancements in technology. Modern printing methods are quite varied and have a range of uses. The astounding diversity of available choices in printing techniques in fact greatly confuses the clients.

One of the most well known printing methods in the industry today is offset printing. This technique uses a restricted quantity of ink to print the matter on metal plates first and then it transmits it onto paper. This kind of printing is quite cost effective and quick, and it is usually preferred when big volumes of prints are required.

Development in printing technology has also introduced other printing techniques like thermal printing, that involves heating of coated thermal paper, and electrostatic printing, that is akin to photocopying.

However, digital printing is the newest printing technique that is getting a lot of popularity. As is clear from its name, it includes image creation and manipulation on a computer, and then this computer generated image is eventually printed after analysis. But this fast and trustworthy technique works best in cases where only a small number of prints is needed. As the printer can customize each print in this technique, it can be employed for computer form printing, where items such as receipts or bills can be printed for different customers, with each having an identical format but different contents.

The advent of the internet in printing has been another huge leap for the industry. Most printing companies have their own websites that permit customers to easily place orders and study designs and templates, without them having to go all the way to the firm's premises for this purpose.

Printing has always taken giant leaps every time there has been a technological innovation. The good news is that this trend of change is not going to slow down any time soon and you will keep seeing changes bring down the costs and enhance the process.

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